Refill Stations

Who is Forest Hog

Forest Hog is a family owned business who make pure, earth friendly eco cleaning products and supply to stockists and individuals across the UK from our base in Gloucester. By buying in bulk as a refilling station we can offer affordable prices for an exceptionally high-quality product range. There are cheaper eco-products available, but we are not in the market to produce mediocre/cheap eco-cleaning products. By opting for the cheap range, one is using three times the quantity for the same results as ours thus making our range very economical and radically reducing wasted water.

The pure orange oils in all our products are cold compressed from the skin and is the best mother nature can give us in terms of stain removal, degreasing ability and anti-bacterial properties, yet it is gentle on us and the planet.

Exciting opportunities lie with opening a Forest Friends Refill Station by providing your customers with only the best, backed by strong ethics and great values

  • Fun cleaning options the whole family can enjoy
  • Self-service with pump dispensers
  • Saves on wasted packaging and labelling that may not be bio degradable
  • Provided to you in 20 litre containers that we refill and repeat the cycle
  • Easy to fill 10 litre containers
  • Neat, mess free

Delivered to your door

Customers bring their own bottles to be refilled with:

  • Home Spray – a concentrated multi-purpose general cleaner for all surfaces, windows, tiles, bathrooms, walls, and more. This one product does it all so no need to waste money on Cream cleaners, Glass Cleaners and other unnecessary purchases, using up more space in your home and more bottles.
  • Laundry Cream – a PH balanced triple concentrated cream that handles tough dirt and is gentle on delicates. It’s so good no softener is required. Works equally well on hot and cold cycles. Great for sensitive skins.
  • Dirt Buster Gel – powerful degreaser and stain remover can not only clean almost anything gently and effectively it is very useful for cleaning motor homes, caravans, airplanes, boats, engines, agricultural equipment and more
  • Squeaky Dishes – a golden viscous liquid that can be used for both hand and dishwasher.
  • Toilet Cleaner – the perfect natural solution for spotless, germ free toilet cleaning.
  • Floor Cleaner – for a quick wipe or for harder to clean areas, our floor cleaner does it for you, naturally.
  • Fruit & Veg Rinse – this amazing, almost tasteless product does not need to be rinsed off once you have cleansed your fresh produce. 15 drops in a basin of water removes handling grime, agricultural chemicals and other nasties, and it works it magic in harmoniously extending the shelf life of your produce by up to 5 days.
  • Hand wash – we produce a range of three naturally scented handwashes that leaves hands silky smooth without drying out the skin.
  • Wood ‘n Hide Restore – this unique formula transforms leather and wood products returning the colour and life back into both. Waterproofs wooden table tops revitalises leather products and restores leather upholstery. Great on saddlery, belts, shoes, handbags and luggage.
  • Leather Life – this balm is the same recipe as the above, however we have found using this name serves the Equine industry better.


  • We do not use palm oil
  • We are not tested on animals
  • We are child safe – no need to lock us away, children can join in the fun of cleaning from a very young age
  • We are environmentally safe
  • Join the guilt free cleaning world – nothing gets hurt or damaged from your drain to the ocean
  • We are vegan friendly
  • We understand the true meaning of quality – we don’t make cheap comparisons
  • Even children can pronounce our list of ingredients
  • All our range is pure and non-toxic
  • Our refill friends can be guaranteed of quality and be proud to be a Forest Hog family member
  • We are available in E-cycle bottles with biodegradable labels
  • We provide a personal service
  • We are BSEN13697 affiliated and being ISO tested
  • We are a dependable anti-bacterial agent. We are tough on bad germs but kind to the good ones we need to create the right balance within our homes
  • Our laundry cream is great on sensitive skins
  • None of our products contain synthetic perfumes
  • Our products have proven to reduce respiratory issues for using no toxic chemicals with the home enhances the air we breathe at home
  • Dirt Buster Gel – perfect for Dad’s greasy hands and dirty engines
  • Wood ‘n Hide – great for Dads dry cracked hands and is a great dry, cracked heel balm.
  • And there’s more……….

To Become a FOREST FRIEND REFILL STATION send us an email and we will forward you the details

Generate a good income and contribute to making our special planet a better place to live by reducing the toxic chemical load going into our rivers and oceans, increase Co2 by saving our forests from toxic chemical overload and cut down the wasted plastic load on the planet.