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Eco, vegan and child-friendly cleaning products

Forest Hog is the guardian of a brand new range of naturally formulated eco-friendly, vegan and child-friendly cleaning products. Made from plant cellulose, water and Mother Nature’s gift of pure orange oil compressed from the fruits skin. Our products will do the job and keep snouts, respiratory systems and our homes free from artificial perfumes and chemicals.

I help keep the forest floor clean, that’s why Mother Nature put me here.

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Cleans Naturally

Eco Friendly. Vegan Friendly. Child Friendly.

100% recyclable plastic packaging

Enjoy harnessing the power of Mother Nature’s elbow grease.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Made from concentrated natural ingredients.

Safe for all the family to use

Does everything you need it to do – inside and outdoors.

Our Ethos

None of our products are tested on animals.

Ethically sourced ingredients

Natural products – made from plant cellulose, water and pure orange oil.

What Our Happy Customers Say

“I’ve been very impressed with how the Forest Hog products cut through any grease – my cooker came up like new – the dishes really are squeaky clean. I love the scent of oranges too, especially the laundry, and it’s great that we don’t need to use fabric softener anymore.

The added bonus for us is that we have a reed-bed and so all the products are perfect for keeping the reeds healthy. A little goes a long way and so we are already saving money by switching our home to Forest Hog products. It feels good to be protecting the environment too.”

Jules, Gloucestershire

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