About Us

One afternoon, while sitting quietly on a fallen oak tree in a forest close to home, we noticed the eco system around us was damaged. Everything looked sterile. Invader plants had taken over and nothing was really moving, despite the gentle breeze.


Our natural world is screaming for help. It’s not just plastics. Billions upon billions of toxic chemical polluted waters is gushing into our rivers and oceans every single day. Climate change may be a natural progression, regulated by Mother Nature but thoughtless human behaviour is hurrying it along at an alarming rate.

Change is inevitable and embracing it is liberating and exciting and it all starts at home.



Join the Circle of Life

We tested many so-called natural, eco-friendly products and nothing came close to the power of our products. Using pure cold compressed orange oil taken from the skin gives you mother nature’s most powerful anti-bacterial properties and is one of the finest degreasing agents on the planet, and combined with pure, high quality coconut oil – by no other name, carefully selected quality plant cellulose and crystal clean water we bring you  winning formula variations that naturally take care of your cleaning requirements for inside and outside the home.

Join us in our quest to make a difference.

Mother Nature’s gave us the tools to bring you products that are tougher than you think!

Trevor and Diana


Each Purchase Supports

The Word Forest Organisation

“Thank you for buying a gorgeously scented, eco-product from Forest Hog! Their dedicated green team have enabled you to polish up your pad, while we scrub the skies of CO2 and other nasty pollutants”

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