Natural Forest Hog's Dirt Buster Gel
Dirt Buster Gel, 500g
Natural Forest Hog's Dirt Buster Gel

Natural Forest Hog's Dirt Buster Gel

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This is our MEGA cleaner! This natural product cleans almost anything indoors and outdoors. Tents, gazebo’s, camper vans inside and out, caravans, boats, aeroplanes, bikes, barbecue's and more. Fabulous at making stains disappear. Possibly the best grease cutter in the forest. The camping/caravan companion, while you are out or when you are home. Available in 500 grams and 1kg recyclable bottles, with an easy dispense cap. 

Did You Know? 1kg will last a regular family for months. Nothing matches this for powerful concentration.

Tips:  Bad stains on carpets - rub a little blob in with your finger 'till well absorbed, sponge clean with warm water. Dry with a towel. It's magic. PVA paint stuck on Dads favourite jersey - no problem! Rub a little gel into the area, leave for a few minutes - wash. For paint, you may have to rub the gel in the second time and wash. It doesn't damage the wool fibres. Removes all sorts of irritating stains from all sorts of fabrics, carpets, tents and canvas.

Ingredients: aqua, pure orange oil, plant cellulose, vegetable extract, coconut extract & 0.01% caustic (ph6.9 -7) This is a soap so it will sting if you get it in your eyes. It is not toxic and can be rinsed away with cold water.  Avoid eye contact.

Good To Know: Vegan-friendly and never ever tested on animals. All packaging is 100% recyclable too.

SHAKE WELL - There are no stabilisers, no unnatural colourants and some ingredients may separate.

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