Start The New Year With New, Ethical Clean Beginnings And Join The Circle Of Life.

January 2020

Caring for our planet means stopping the use of nasty chemicals. Pure, ethical, genuine.

We're only a few days into this new decade, and there seems to be a slight feeling of overwhelm already! Whilst we can't change the world, as individuals, we can start the process of change by making small but meaningful tweaks to how we live our lives, and encourage those around us to do the same.

'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.'

Vincent Van Gough


Sign spotted in Waitrose - and we couldn't agree more! All the fruit and vegetables that we buy have a mind boggling variety of accumulated grime, chemicals and germs on them

There is of course a very simple and effective answer - our Fruit & Veg Rinse. You only need a few drops in a basin of clean water - because the formulation is so safe and gentle, there's no need for further rinsing.

We are happy to announce that our fabulous Forest Hog Floor Cleaner is now back in stock following unprecedented sales - all those pesky friends and relatives traipsing through the house no doubt!


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