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We need to take a stand and say ‘No More! Plastics may well be the visible scourge mother nature is dealing with on a humungous scale, but she is dealing with on another scourge on a humungous scale?


We all know what happens to our bodies when we abuse them for years – they break down. Our bodies are an undeniable miracle of creation, BUT they can only deal with, and adapt to so much! So much of the ‘abuse’ we inflict on them we are not even aware of! With nasty chemicals this has the same effect on our planet.

It all begins at home!

Take a moment to read the labels of your current cleaning materials! Even some of those who claim to be eco -friendly! Can you pronounce the ingredients? Do you see the warnings? These are the ingredients that are making us and mother nature desperately ill, and it’s all cheap to produce. Genuine quality is not cheap and never has been and never will be.

Using Phosphates, used as water softeners and alter the state in the receiving waters increasing and stimulating the excess growth of algae, the water then becomes starved of oxygen killing off fish and plant life. So, when you wash your dishes and your clothes with chemicals that contain phosphates this is what you are doing to your planet. They are found in most chemical cleaners and used on a grand scale across the world.

E.D.T.A. (Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid) Sometimes used in place of phosphates, or in addition to! They attract heavy metals such as lead and mercury which find their way into our waterways.

Optical Brighteners used in laundry detergents, just to give the illusion that your clothes are cleaner and appear whiter! These horrors don’t biodegrade and cause severe skin infections.

Lanolin is found in so many products we use at home and smear all over our bodies and our children’s bodies. EEK! This is a wax secrete from wool bearing animals which is great for animals. When used in cleaning materials only the poorest quality is used and often obtained from animals in poor health.

Methylisothiazolinone (MI) a preservative used in a wide range of shampoo’s, moisturisers and shower gels, and, wait for it ……………make-up and baby wipes which causes contact dermatitis where skin becomes red and itchy and can even sting and blister. Mass produced by many unethical companies, and the NHS spend millions per annum on treating skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis – check the NHS stats on that – they will blow you away and there for us all to read.

Triclosan this is what you wash your hands in when you use the soaps provided in public places. But its also found in many antibacterial liquid hand soaps for home use too. This is a high production ingredient and was first registered as a pesticide and is known to be hazardous to humans including, f@*&”%g up your liver and damaging your lungs, apart from interfering with muscle function and altering hormone regulation.

GMO/SMO these synthetically or genetically modified organisms are being added to cleaning products to replace palm oils which is good, BUT I have found no evidence that independent safety tests have been done to prove these methods are safe for use on or by humans in the long term.

Chlorine Bleaches the go to for so many. Found in toilet cleaners, sanitisers, nappy powders, washing powders, dishwashing detergents and many more products. During the breakdown of these types of bleach, carcinogenic toxic substances are formed which are similar to the banned pesticide D.D.T.

Petro-chemicals found in just about every household cleaner. They are also found in baby products, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners, make-up and more. They are highly irritant and cause many allergic reactions and endanger plant and animal life.

Chemical plasticisers used to make soap softer and easier to machine mould.

Formaldehyde do you remember learning about that in science? Its traditionally used to preserve corpses. In the cleaning and cosmetic industry is used to prolong the life of many conventional products.

Synthetic Dyes make the finished products more visually appealing – you know – all those brightly coloured cleaning materials that look so pretty! Beware!

Synthetic Perfumes scientifically documented as carcinogenic – and we buy it the form of gorgeous smelling fabric softeners, air fresheners, hundreds of nice smelling products we use on our bodies and in our homes turning our homes into a toxic soup bowl.

And there is so much more; stabilisers, colourants and palm oils, I have just scratched the surface for you, and this is why we make a powerful range of cleaning products that mother nature loves. Designed to be tough on dirt but gentle on the earth and our children.

65% of the world’s wildlife has died out over the last 45 years (WWL Stats) Just because it may not directly impact on you right now, it doesn’t mean it is not affecting you but it soon will if we don’t change NOW!




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