Commit To Mother Nature And Everything Natural

 December 2019

Caring for our planet means stopping the use of nasty chemicals. Pure, ethical, genuine.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!
Thank you all for making this year one of growth, new friends, new challenges and a real step closer to taking greater care of our beautiful planet. Please keep spreading the word. We can make a difference.
2020 is just around the corner and we will be offering you some great deals and offers to help make it a decade of real change, so please, encourage your friends and loved ones to subscribe to our newsletter and join the Forest Hog family.





Squeaky Dishes
It's a rotten job, but somebody's got to do it! If you always get the washing up gig at Christmas make sure you have plenty of our lovely dish washing-up liquid in stock. Made with the gentlest ingredients but as powerful as you could ever need, the orange oil will slice through the grease and leave your crockery squeaky clean - the clues in the name!


Now, while we don't want to come over all Ebenezer Scrooge at this wonderful time of the year (ahem) and we are quite sure that you're already all over this...let's keep it real! The amount of waste that this season brings is, frankly breath taking. We are shopping locally and wherever possible from independent retailers and small business owners. Plastic is being avoided - no crackers - just a loo roll wrapped in crepe paper and everyone has to shout 'BANG!!' (I'm JOKING!)

We're going to try really, really hard not to have any unused food - it will be recycled into 'lovely-leftovers' meals, and shopping will be done with a mindful, sensible head on...or at least that's the plan.

If you have guests coming, please don't fall into the trap of assuming that spraying chemicals everywhere is the only way to clean your house - our products are just as effective, and planet friendly!

Could we also finally ask you not to forget to donate some Christmas fabulousness at your local food bank, although as valued Forest Hoglets, and therefore wonderful, thoughtful, caring folk, that almost goes without saying!

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