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Cleaning the air we breathe

Hello to all our wonderful supporters. Exciting news! A whopping thank you to everyone who has bought from our site since we launched.

Thanks to you we have made our first contribution to The Word Forest Organisation based in Lyme Regis and run by Tracey and Simon West.

They began this fabulous reforestation program in Kenya only a few years ago, doing a mighty fine job.

No matter where the forests are situated it has a global effect – so wow, thank you from us all at Forest Hog Pure Eco Cleaning and The Word Forest Organisation.

This is what Tracey had to say about YOUR contribution.

“Lovely to hear from you and with such great news too.

Well done my friend for getting the Forest Hog off the ground so brilliantly – that’s a terrific first donation to Word Forest and my Trustees and I are delighted to receive it.

It will go into the current classroom building project at Kadunguni Primary School in Boré, along with 4,000 trees that will soon be planted around the compound too.”

Tracey West FRSA –  CEO & Fundraising

The Word Forest Organisation is a Registered Charity No: 117249 & 4000 trees! Wow. Our Forest Hog would love to rummage in that new forest, turning over the soils and seeds of the future forest floor. A new Classroom – awesome.

Heartwarming too and YOU  are a special and valued part of this.

We are delighted to be a part of this very special Charity, as I am sure all of you will be now you can see where your contribution goes. Your purchase is multi-tiered, helping you, helping others and helping the earth.

Thank you so much.




Please feel free to click on the gift of a tree and make a further donation. You will be gifting cleaner air to generations to come across the world and with every bottle of Forest Hog that you buy the world becomes a cleaner brighter place to live, naturally.

Children are the future, they are the cleaners of the future too and it all begins at home. So come on kids, climb into the bubbles, they are safe. Get cleaning, it can be so much fun and the pocket money stakes might climb too! The kiddies in this photograph would LOVE to have the opportunity to grab a bottle of Forest Hogs Home Spray and clean their new classroom.

Now’s your chance to breathe in clean, chemical free air at home, sleep on sheets that have no chemicals lurking in the fibres irritating your skin, wear clothes that have a soft smell of orange blossom and won’t irritate your skin, have chemical free dishes to eat off and drink out of and eat fruit and veg whose nasties you can’t see have been rinsed away. What a wonderful thought.


Join the Circle of Life – it begins at home with Forest Hog!

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