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Where does your money actually go?

Have you ever thought about the effect companies acquisitioning other brands has? Neither had I until recently. How many of you buy Ecover or Method because they are cruelty free? Method & Ecover (collectively known as People Against Dirty) have always been marketed as cruelty free, however their acquisition by SC Johnson earlier this year has lead to their sales boosting the parent company which in turn funds testing on animals during the development of their household products.

What surprises me is that both of these brands have had their cruelty free approval from the Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide due to being unable to deny that their customer purchases will not be indirectly supporting animal testing. What surprises me most about this is how misinformed the public are. Both companies still promote that they remain cruelty free, but due to factors happening behind the scenes, where customers money is being directed can be contradicting the message these companies are promoting.

Over the upcoming weeks I will be collaborating with Forest Hog in combining both of our research to inform you as the readers about the shocking truths within the ‘healthy’ industry. I am going to be sharing my insight (and shock) as to what companies legally have to abide by the have ‘ethical’ and ‘organic’ products. These insights have evoked a sense of purpose in me, where the public should be informed correctly about the products they are purchasing and not just provided with a word which can be very misleading to those who do not understand the legalities behind the use of that word.

Forest Hog are a company who are loyal and trustworthy and not only do they produce fantastic organic products with carefully sourced ingredients, they are also paving the way for being transparent to their customer base. All of their products are safe to use with children – how many items under your kitchen sink bought in supermarkets can you say are the same?

Be careful in your purchases, do your research and trust your instinct. If its not safe for children – is it actually safe at all?

By Ashley Newton

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