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The advantages of using Forest Hog Dirt Buster Gel

This is one of those ‘have to have’ products! Once you start using it and understanding that you and the gel are inseparable friends you will have a bottle of it in the house, in the utility room and in the garage or work room, not forgetting inside the campervan or caravan.

YES! It’s that versatile. If you are farming you will need to have a bottle in the workshop too. So, let me tell you what you can use Dirt Buster Gel on:

  • Removes stains from clothing, upholstery, carpets, curtains, Linens, rider clothing and horse wear, tents and tarpaulins and more
  • Removes grease from your hob, oven, barbecue easily
  • Removes grease from engines, farm equipment, airplane engines and cleans up interiors, motorbikes, quadbikes, boats and trailers
  • In the home dissolve a tsp in very hot water and clean floors and walls with it
  • In the commercial world you can clean office blocks, factories, garages and more simply by dissolving 2tsps into 5 litres of very hot water
  • Powerful and economical because it is triple concentrated and can be diluted for all sorts of applications
  • Great for washing dirty toys – it’s safe for children
  • Powerful anti-bacterial properties
  • Natural fresh smell of orange blossom
  • Spotlessly cleans and sanitises the wheelie bins
  • Can be used for getting rid of moulds in toilets and bathrooms
  • Safe for the environment and waterways
  • The ONLY product you need to take camping or caravanning – you can clean your caravan/tents/campervan with it. You can wash your dishes and barbecue with it, and you can hand wash your clothes with it.
  • Is there any other natural cleaning product that can do all this and more?
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