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Spueaky Clean Dishes EVERY Time

No one likes having to rewash dishes – whether its because the dishwasher hasn’t been doing its job or the hand washing soap hasn’t cut through the grease effectively.

In my quest to source natural and organic products to replace existing toxic, high carbon foot print ones – I found Forest Hog – a company whose sole purpose is to provide Eco, vegan, child safe cleaning products using natures treasures.

I have been so impressed using their Squeaky Dishes soap. A little goes a very long way. You only need a few drops in your sink to do hand wash, or fill the dishwasher compartment with 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of the squeaky dishes for a full grease free clean. Even on some tough dishes where food residue has been stuck on, I just added a couple more drops than usual and the power of nature shone through.

The orange aroma that shines through when washing up provides an uplifting and fresh atmosphere and actually makes washing up not that bad! The triple concentrated formula means that one bottle will last you a long, long time. I have had this bottle from April and I`m proud to say that I still have 75% remaining. I know we all have different frequencies of washing dishes, but in a family of 4 – we aren’t doing too bad at all! For this 500ml bottle its £6.55, which seems quite steep in price in comparison to those seen on supermarket adverts, but this product is completely safe for children and washes the dishes much better than any other washing soap I have used before. Not only that, its made by using 100% natural ingredients and has lasted much longer than any others I have had. I`ve had this bottle 4 months and I’ve only used 125ml!

All packaging is recyclable – another reason why this company are doing so much good in leading the way to a more sustainable, eco friendly and safe range of cleaning products within the home.

Well done Forest Hog!

I`m looking forward to sharing my insights and views the the remainder of their range with you all soon…

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