Leather Life


A natural Leather balm

Perfectly designed to restore leather to its original state. The balm feeds dry leather restoring elasticity, while nourishing the leather and waterproofing it. Makes old, dry leather supple and soft quickly.
Apply with a dry cloth and rub in well. Perfect for use on saddles, bridles and other leather horse tack.
Can be used on shoes, boots, gloves, belts, leather jackets, pants and skirts, handbags and upholstery in the home and in the motor car.

Child friendly, never tested on animals. Not suitable for Vegans.

Available in 250g Aluminium Tubs
A little goes a long way

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This lovely balm easily removes grey and green mould that may have got onto your saddle or any other leather items that have been stored. Apply twice to ensure it thoroughly penetrates deep into the leather to avoid mould build up again. Waterproofs tack, so no need to worry if your saddle gets wet when caught in the rain. Rub it over with a light coat of Leather Life to remove any superficial marks.
Prevents leather from cracking and drying out
Perfect for dry chapped hands and heels too!

Why Choose this?
It’s simple, it is the best choice in leather balm.


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