Meet Forest Hog

Hello, I’m Forest Hog. Guardian of a brand new range of naturally formulated eco-friendly, vegan and child-friendly cleaning products. Made from plant cellulose, water and Mother Nature’s gift of pure orange oil. Our products will do the job and keep your snout, respiratory system, home and an environment free from artificial perfumes and chemicals.

I help keep the forest floor clean, that’s why Mother Nature put me here.

Once upon a time, the forests were brimming with all creatures great and small – living and working together in harmony. The trees supplied us with fresh oxygen to breathe and grew to great heights. Happiness was rife beneath the leafy canopy.

A visit to the forest was an exciting adventure back then. Journeying through a magical fairyland bursting with trees, delightfully coloured toadstools, mushrooms, ferns and fungi. My friends the badgers, butterflies and bugs, woodpeckers, frogs and dragonflies are all but gone now – and the water doesn’t taste as good anymore.

Plant species like ivy, wild garlic, brambles and stinging nettles have taken over, dominating the forest floor and suffocating the life out of this once magnificent forest.

When man-made pollutants came along, life in the forest changed for us all. Now this once beautiful home of mine is all a bit sterile. I’d love to spend my days in a healthy forest once more.

Forest Hog's range of natural cleaning products

Join the Circle of Life

Many of the chemicals you use to clean your homes are damaging your health and the environment. Life is busy – they are cheap to buy and readily available – so you continue to use them.

I get it. But Mother Nature is calling. She needs your help in restoring the planet back to its pristine beauty.

My products will help you make the switch:

  • Squeaky Dishes – perfect for hand washing and you can put it in your dishwasher. Leaves your dishes squeaky clean and residue free. Cuts through grease naturally. Safe for children to use.
  • Dirt Buster Spray – cleans away all those irritating marks on walls, floors, carpets and canvas. One spray, one wipe, no fuss.
  • Dirt Buster Gel – superhero product that cleans almost anything indoors and outdoors. From tents and gazebo’s to camper vans, caravans, boats, bikes, BBQ’s and even aeroplanes.
  • Home Spray – all-purpose household cleaner for fridges & freezers, ovens & microwaves, bathrooms, mirrors, windows and conservatories.
  • Laundry Clean – creamy mix of natural ingredients that leave clothes smelling gorgeous. Shifts stubborn stains too.
  • Fruit & Veg Rinse – just a tiny amount washes away any handling grime and dirt. Extends the life of your fresh produce for a few days – naturally.

Let’s clear the air

Forest Hog is working in partnership with the Word Forest Organisation

Many of the beautiful forests have all but gone in Africa and we need them back. Planting trees in and around the equator is an amazing thing to do because trees grow quicker there than anywhere else in the world – and the more forests we have on the planet the better air we breathe, no matter where those forests are.

As well as creating new forests, this remarkable charity also believes in making a life better for the children who live nearby. They also sponsor an incredible schools building project. Classrooms and schools are being built for hundreds of children who will also learn the value of caring for the trees around them.

You can read all about their work on the Word Forest Organisation website.


The Word Forest Organisation

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