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One afternoon, while sitting quietly on a fallen oak tree in the forest, we noticed that the eco system all around us was damaged. Everything looked sterile. Invader plants had taken over and nothing was really moving, despite the gentle breeze.

Undisturbed forest

Born and raised on farms, both of us are at our happiest when spending time together in the great outdoors. You’ll usually find us up a mountain, on the beach, or hiking through the forest when we’re not busy with Forest Hog.

Sitting on that oak tree re-triggered our deep concern that the myriad of pollutants we use in our everyday lives are making the planet sick. It also reinforced our belief that climate change is a natural progression, regulated by Mother Nature and hurried along by human behaviour.

This time, we had to do something.

Just like plastic packaging ends up in the oceans, the pollutants we use in our homes – every drop of water that goes down the sink and into the drains – seep into the rivers and leach into the soils.

We began our journey by making changes at home – it’s the best place to start. We binned all the nasty stuff, crept inside the minds of animals and nature, listened carefully and heeded Mother Nature’s guidance when she gave us Forest Hog. There’s no finer wisdom than hers.

Join the Circle of Life

Now we’d like to invite you to join us. Let’s clean the air within our homes and help mother nature clean the air outside them. Let’s protect the water courses from pollutants and help preserve the rivers, oceans, soils, natural forests and beautiful countryside all around us.

Forest Hog represents the circle of life. Born out a need for restoration and simplicity. Our small range of natural, eco-friendly and vegan cleaning products are designed to keep your home, car, camper, caravan – and whatever else you need to keep spotless – nice and fresh.

What do you say? Mother Nature’s elbow grease is stronger than you think!

Trevor and Diana

Each Purchase Supports

The Word Forest Organisation

“Thank you for buying a gorgeously scented, eco-product from Forest Hog! Their dedicated green team have enabled you to polish up your pad, while we scrub the skies of CO2 and other nasty pollutants”

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